Valiente Rook
"Mary and the Evil Hat"

"Mary and the Evil Hat"

  By Valiente Rook

Once upon a time in a land far, far away (not that far away, just down the road actually), lived a girl named Mary. She loved her hats very much.

"Chyeah I do!" She said one day when asked if she loved hats by a random stranger.

"And no bro, you’re annoying and very creepy, weepy," She said to the random stranger as he asked her out for the millionth time over Skype.

I knew I should have just blocked him, slim. She thought to herself but then she realised that she was too nice for that.

"Dang! Man I’m too nice, rice," She complained to herself whilst alone in her room at 3am. "And I’m hungry. Fuck me duck. Hmm duck, I could do with some duck," She drooled.

As Mary pondered how duck would sooo fill her up, a strange tapping was heard on her window.

This startled Mary and abruptly brought her back to reality where roasted duck did not exist in front of her. She wiped the drool from her face and looked towards the window. There was nothing there. Just the wind she thought.

"Don’t be playing games with me wind," She said to the window. "I was dreaming about duck…what the fuck man! That ain’t right, aight? Now apologise!"

Her lack of sleep meant that she started saying crazy things; soooo readers just excuse her, k?


Her phone buzzed, it was a text.

Mary searched around for her phone and found it. She read the message from an unknown number:


"Chyeah, you better be slick! Can’t say sorry to my face so you text me instead wind? Psh and how did you get my number?!"

Her phone buzzed again.


She realised it was actually the random stranger. Her phone buzzed again.


"Psh, knew all along it was you. The wind loves me; it wouldn’t disturb my duck dreams. You creep, better be duck you left me or else I will block you….maybe."

Mary went to her window and opened it. Outside on the ground she saw a parcel. She leaned out and picked up the parcel and went back to her bed. She sniffed the parcel.

"Psh, doesn’t smell like duck," She said with annoyance. "You creepy stranger, who sends someone a parcel which isn’t duck?"

Her phone buzzed again:


Sorry >.<, she thought.

"I’m sorry narrator, aight? But you know how much I love duck :(," She said all disappointed.

…After several minutes of silence where Mary dreamt about running in a meadow of flowers hand in hand with a duck she finally got over her disappointment and unwrapped the parcel.

"Oh chyeah man! It’s a hat! I love hats! And OMG Woooot?! It’s a hat shaped like a duck!"

”..erm Mary…that’s not a duck, it’s a swan,” Said the narrator.

"What? I know a duck when I see one bun!" She replied back.

"FINE ITS A DUCK! ~ psh," Said the angry narrator as he couldn’t be arsed arguing with the heroine of the story (More like the villain ¬¬).

Sooo Mary tried on the DUCK hat and posed in front of the mirror. However the sight that greeted her was not of her wearing a duck hat…..but of a giant duck wearing a hat shaped like Mary! :o

The End.

"Yoshi visits the Zoo"

"Yoshi visits the Zoo"

  By Valiente Rook

One day Yoshi decided to visit the Zoo. He did not want to go alone, so he asked Mario if he would come with him.

"I’d love to go but the thing is I can’t go today as I am planning to rescue the Princess again. Try Luigi," Mario suggested.

So Yoshi went to Luigi and asked him if he would go to the zoo with him.

"I’m terribly sorry Yoshi, but I have to go out and climb down some pipes today, you know how it is for us Mario brothers, its pipes, pipes, pipes!"

"Not for Mario it’s not", said Yoshi, "he’s going to save the princess".

"What? No, he is not! The princess is working in Akihabara as a maid. It looks like he lied to you, Yoshi." Replied Luigi.

"Lied? He lied to me? Why would he do that?" Asked Yoshi, feeling a little sad and let-down by someone he thought was his good friend.

"Maybe because he wanted time to himself? Or didn’t want to play with you? Sometimes people need time to themselves, it’s important."

"Oh, I see." But these words still didn’t make Yoshi feel any better. Why would Mario lie to me? He thought.

"Why didn’t he just tell me the truth? I would have understood." Said Yoshi.

"Perhaps he didn’t want to let you down? Some people find it hard to say no to people and so to save the other person’s feelings they make themselves to be busy." Replied Luigi, adding "Don’t let it get to you Yoshi; I’m sure Mario had his reasons. Anyways I need to go and clean pipes, see you soon!"

Yoshi was now all by himself. His two friends were busy and he had no-one to play with. This made Yoshi feel really lonely. There’s no-one I can rely on, he thought. I guess I have to visit the zoo by myself.

So Yoshi set off to the zoo by himself. On his way to the zoo Yoshi saw Ken and Ryu, the heads of the notorious and dangerous Street Fighter gang, surround a hapless and intimidated Sonic and Tails, who were cowering. Yoshi thought to himself, not my problem. For Sonic and Tails went to Sega Academy, a rival school to the school Yoshi attended, Nintendo Technical High.

So Yoshi decided to take another route to the zoo. As Yoshi turned his back on Sonic, he heard the most chilling sound, which everyone in Game City dreaded:


Quickly turning around, Yoshi glimpsed a bright blue light hitting Sonic, sending him into the air. With a thud Sonic landed on the ground, motionless.

"Sonic, sonic?! SONIC?! NOOOOOOO", screamed Tails as Ken and Ryu howled in laughter.

"Pathetic blue hedgehog! Did you really think you could stand up to the might of Ryu?" Bellowed Ken Masters, "now, little two-tailed fox, what shall we do with you?"

This was bullying at its most violent and physical, thought Yoshi. Trembling with anger and guilt at his own cowardice and nonchalant attitude to other people’s problems, Yoshi mustered up all the strength in him and yelled,

"Hey! Hey! The two twits in the bathrobes! You two losers, who think cruelty to animals is OK, well guess what it’s not!"

"Oh my, I see a little dino who thinks he can take us on." Said Ken, "how about we let him join the rest of his extinct buddies, hmmm?”

Time to make a run for it, thought Yoshi and with all his might he ran with Ryu and Ken hot on his tail. Without thinking where he was going, Yoshi just ran and ran and ran, dodging, jumping, and ducking countless energy blasts fired by the evil duo. It was no use thought Yoshi, his legs were starting to fail him and he became more and more out of breath, he was about to hit his limit. This is it, he thought, I can’t keep on running, I have to make a stand and with this newfound determination, Yoshi stopped and turned to face his pursuers.

"My, my! What’s the matter dino? What is with that glare? Do you honestly think you can beat us in a fight? Come now, put down your little fists, its futile!" Taunted Ken, as he and Ryu approached Yoshi.

"I may not have the strength to take you two down but I will not let you intimidate me! I’ll never submit to those who pick on the weak! Come at me with everything you have! I’m not scared!"

"Such brave words coming from such a small thing. If we don’t make an example of this thing, I think a whole host of little woodland creatures are going to crawl out of crevices from the city over and challenge our authority." Said Ken, to which Ryu nodded.

Ryu took a step towards Yoshi and slowly bought his hands to his chest, and connected the base of his palms together, like a crocodile with its mouth wide open ready to devour its prey. As he did so, large sparks started to form around his hands and Yoshi knew what was coming. In a bright flash and a shout of “hadoken!” a straight wave of intense blue heat shot from Ryu’s hands towards Yoshi.

This is how my life ends, thought Yoshi, closing his eyes to the approaching energy blast, not how I envisaged my life to end. Ahhh and I just wanted to go to the zoo today, not the afterlife. Mario, Luigi, Princess, I’m sorry.

The ground started to grumble and shake as the blast edged ever closer to Yoshi. Come on just be over with, thought Yoshi, as it seemed like a life-time since the hadoken was fired. Seconds ticked away and the rumbling and shaking of the ground stopped.


Hmmm, that voice sounds familiar, thought Yoshi. Am I dead? Can’t be because…Yoshi slowly opened his eyes and to his amazement he saw Luigi, standing on top of a pipe that had sprouted out of the ground, right in between where Yoshi and Ryu were.

"Luigi!" Said Yoshi in delight, "I’m so glad that you’re here!", as tears started to form from the corners of his eyes. "I thought, I thought…" Yoshi couldn’t finish what he was going to say.

"Blocked by a pipe with an idiot I-talian plumber in green, standing on top of it. Now that’s one way to block the hadoken!" Roared Ken with laughter, "Ryu, Ryu, you know, immigrants are finding more and more ingenious ways to enter the country."

"Luigi, what, what are you doing here?" Asked a teary-eyed Yoshi.

"I got lost and somehow ended up blowing up a wrong section of the pipes. Mario is going to kill me…Now what’s going on here?"

"Excuse me, Mr. Plumber? You’re kinda in the way of our little dino hunt."  Smiled Ken at Luigi.

"I see, so that is what is going on. It’s ok now Yoshi, I’ll hold them off. Mario is on his way."

"Did you hear that? Did-you-he-ar-that-Ryu? The plumber is going to fight! The plumber thinks he is a street fighter!" Ken laughed loudly; even the silent Ryu cracked a weak smile to this and with his hand motioned to Luigi to "bring it".

Luigi climbed down from the pipe and from his tool belt took out a mushroom and ate it. Suddenly Luigi started to grow taller, until he towered over Ryu and Ken.

"Oi, oi Ryu! I think we need to get us some of what he is eating! I don’t think the kind of mushroom I have can do that!"

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall, Ken."

"Ryu…What a clichéd line. Like the talking, leave the giant-killing to me."

”-.- Be my guest.” Replied Ryu.

"Mr. Plumber!" Shouted Ken, "how’s the view from up there? Do you know you now look like a giant beanstalk? Now I’m not much of a climber, so I’ll just have to chop you down!"

Luigi raised his gigantic fist and swung it down at Ken.

"Oh, trying to swat me like a fly, are we? Well in which case take this!"

As Luigi swung his fist down, Ken jumped swiftly and landed on Luigi’s fist. With the speed of a bullet, Ken ran up Luigi’s arm and before Luigi could even react, Ken launched himself into a spinning jump with all his power in his right fist. As he did so, Ken’s fist became surrounded by flames. With an almighty roar of “shoryuken!”, Ken connected Luigi’s chin with a blazing uppercut that knocked Luigi backwards and straight onto the ground. The ground shook, Luigi was knocked out cold.

"L-L-Luigi?" Yoshi was in shock, because of me Luigi is hurt, he thought. His heart started to constrict in pain.

"I guess I lied. I did have to climb the beanstalk." Grinned Ken, "now dino, who is going to save you now?"

Just as Ken finished those words, a little plump man in red jumped out of the pipe and landed gracefully.

"Do my eyes deceive me?!" Said Ken in amazement, "look! look! It’s a young Santa!"

"No, it’s me, Mario!" Said the little, moustached, plump man in a red jumpsuit.

"Well of course, I should have guessed!" Said Ken, "after a plumber in green, it stands to reason that a plumber in red would show up! Just like traffic lights. After we defeat you, is there going to be a medium sized plumber in amber, I wonder?"

"Defeat me, Mario? No, no, no. You see, I’ve bought a couple of people who are dying to meet you."

"Really? We’re desperate to meet them!" Shouted Ken in excitement, to which Ryu nodded.

"You two can come out now!" Shouted Mario down the pipe. One after the other, two men in masks, one clad in a blue and black ninja outfit, the other in a yellow and black ninja outfit, ascended from the pipe.

"Look who we have here." said Ken. "Sub-Zero and Scorpion from the Mortal Combat clan. You two combatants think you’re match for us fighters? This is our territory!"

"I evoke the law of the fighting genre and ask that we have a one on one duel to pick the winner. If we win, you let us all go, if you win, then you can do with us as you please." Said Mario. "So I suggest you pick your fighter."

"Tsk, there’s no way around it. Damn fighting laws. OK, we’ll do this as we normally do. Ryu you go."

Ryu sighed and mumbled “coward” under his breath.

"Hey! I heard that!" Exclaimed Ken, "I’m not a coward, I’m just tired. Fighting that giant was tough!"

"We pick Scorpion as our combatant." Said Mario, pointing at the man wearing the yellow and black ninja suit.

"So, you two ready? Then fight!" Shouted Mario.

At the word “fight”, both Scorpion and Ryu launched into a flurry of fists and kicks, with both able to dodge and land an attack here and there on the other. It was a fierce and intense battle that lasted over an hour, in the end both Ryu and Scorpion could hardly stand.

"Finish him!" Shouted Sub-Zero.

This spurred Scorpion on and with the last of his power he shouted “Get over here!” launching a rope with a spear tip, straight at Ryu’s chest. However, before it could impale the weakened Ryu, Ken was able to manage to grab hold of the rope.

"Ok, that’s enough. We admit defeat." Said Ken, as he threw the rope onto the ground. "You guys have won. We won’t pick on the dino, but Mortal Kombat clan, this isn’t the end of it. This is just the beginning of the war." With these as his parting words, Ken wrapped his arm around Ryu’s waist to help steady him and they walked away into the distance.

"Thank you Scorpion for your help. Here is a senzu bean I got from Goku. It should bring you to full health." Mario said as he handed Scorpion a senzu bean, "Yoshi, here you go give this one to my brother."

Yoshi did as he was told and fed the unconscious, but now returned to normal size Luigi a senzu bean. Luigi stirred and with a jolt stood straight up.

"Luigi!" Shouted Yoshi in happiness. "Thank goodness! I’m sorry because of me you got into this mess and I’m sorry Scorpion, you were also dragged into it and Mario, I’m really sorry! All of you, please forgive me!"

"It’s ok, Yoshi. What are friends for? Scorpion and Sub-Zero were all too happy to help, especially since they have a grudge against the Street Fighter gang. I should be the one to say sorry to you Yoshi. I shouldn’t have lied to you. I didn’t want to go to the zoo, I wanted to have a lazy day but I couldn’t say that to you so I ended up lying. Will you forgive me?"

 ”Of course!” Smiled Yoshi, “I forgive you! And you should have told me that you wanted the day to yourself, I would not have minded!”

 ”Listen Yoshi, there is still time. Let us all go to the zoo together; the princess is already waiting for us at the zoo!” Said Mario.

 ”Really?! I’m so happy! Ok, let’s go!”

 With that, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi bade goodbye to Sub-Zero and Scorpion and went on their way to the Zoo.

 The End.

"Untitled Seventeen"

"Untitled Seventeen"

  By Valiente Rook

That night there was a restless, insecure manner to the breeze,
and a shade of poignancy had crept upon the rustling leaves.
The moon glimpsed a shivering figure brooding in the shadows,
his soul in a state of pandemonium, forever unable to let go.
Within such chaos a flicker of despair had mixed with his sorrow,
leaving him unable to find salvation before the dawn of morrow.

"Untitled Sixteen"

"Untitled Sixteen"

  By Valiente Rook

Why do we see each other as rivals?
Let’s just put down our rifles.
Why do we attempt to baffle?
Let’s not become conceited cattle.
Why do we talk a load of drivel?
Why do we cause others to shrivel?
Let’s not give vanity a revival;
arrogance is not the only means of survival.
Is a mask a vital accessory?
Surely it’s not really necessary.
An essay in ink of exclusion
is nothing but an illusion.

“Little Miss Red Robbin’ Hood”

“Little Miss Red Robbin’ Hood”

  By Valiente Rook

Little Miss Red shot dead the big bad wolf. That earned her bare respect and street cred. Now she rules the woods and robs people of their goods, giving her a new moniker: “Little Miss Red Robbin’ Hood”. So it is in your best interest not to cause her any stress, otherwise you’ll end up in a very scary mess. Word?



  By Valiente Rook

And now we take you live to fictitious courtroom A where the action is just heating up!

Prosecutor: Did he not say he’d catch a grenade for ya? Throw his hand on a blade for ya? Jump in front of a train for ya? Is it not true that he was willing to do anything for ya?

Defendant: Y-yes..bu-

Prosecutor: That is all. I rest my case, your honour.

Judge: But just what is your case?

Prosecutor: My case, your honour is thus: SHE DIDN’T DO THE SAME.

Judge: Just what are you implying? Could you make your point clear for all please.

Prosecutor: You see your honour; the defendant purposely chose to sunbathe on rail tracks, fully well knowing that she would be rescued by the victim.

Defendant: I was tied to rail tracks!

Prosecutor: No-one would believe such a story! This is not a cartoon! You knew exactly what you were doing; you even got some local thug to throw a grenade at you. So whilst you were pretending to be in distress, the victim endangered his life by catching that grenade and he even recklessly threw his hand on a flying blade and then as an act of ultimate sacrifice he jumped in front of an approaching train which was directly headed for you! And all you did was watch him burn down in flames.

Defendant: No, no, that’s not tr-

Prosecutor: Is it not?! Please, pray enlighten us with your wacky story.

Defendant: I was kidnapp-

Prosecutor: You were kidnapped?! Oh I see, so you were kidnapped? Your honour in her testimony she claims to have been kidnapped by “a clown”. So a clown kidnapped you? I suppose he threatened you with pie?

Judge: Well, did he threaten you with pie?

Defendant: N,n,no your honour, he did not.

Prosecutor: So you admit you were not threatened with pie? So if there was no pie, then is the clown even real?!

Defendant: Yes, he is!

Prosecutor: Your honour she is making a mockery of the court! If there was no pie then how on earth could a clown exist?

Judge: You have a point.

Attorney: OBJECTION!

Judge: On what grounds, attorney?

Attorney: Clowns do not exist only for pie gags, they also have spinning bow-ties and like they have these big shoes and red nose and just by looking at them, they make me laugh. And, and they sometimes ride these tiiiny bikes. Ahh clowns, I love clowns ^^.

Judge: …Objection over-ruled.

Attorney: WAIT! I haven’t got to the main point! SHE’S INSANE! SHE PLEADS INSANITY because let’s face it anyone who blames things on clowns is caaaarazaay.

Defendant: I’M NOT CRAZY! IT’S TRUE!!

Attorney: Don’t listen to my client; she clearly is bonkers in the head. Everybody knows clowns are incapable of doing wrong.


Attorney: Oh yeah?! Than name one evil clown? Hmmm, just name one!


Attorney: Oh pu-lease, see judge she’s delusional. The Joker and sideshow bob are fictional characters! Honestly, I dunno why you’re even arguing with her. She’s nuts I tells ya. That’s my case, your honour. So go lightly on her? Prosecutor dude, she’s all yours. Maaan, I need a nap, wake me when it’s all done, you know my defence on all this. So I have nothing more to add.

Prosecutor: Ahem, getting on with things, prior to this case your honour, the victim in the process of rescuing the defendant was beat black and blue til he was numb. He went through all that pain, he even took a bullet straight to his brain; luckily he survived. I ask why is the defendant always needing to be rescued?-

Defendant: Because there are people who want me dead!

Prosecutor: No-one asked you to answer! I was going to answer it you know. We don’t need your input on any of this. We can manage just fine without your paranoia, thank you. You see your honour, the only logical answer to such a question is that it was none other than a trap to lure out the victim and have him killed! But it failed on that occasion.

Defendant: That is not true!

Prosecutor: And on another occasion, your honour, the defendant’s car had somehow blown up and so the victim allowed her to borrow his car. However! On its return someone had ripped the brakes out of his car! Luckily on that occasion he had discovered that his car was tampered with. So your honour, I ask who could possibly have sabotaged his car? And I believe there is only one answer to that.

Defendant: No, it wasn’t me! I told you I am being targeted! They blew up my car! And also tampered with his car, thinking it was mine!

Prosecutor: I never said it was you. Why are you adamant it wasn’t you when I didn’t even mention your name? Is it because of your guilty conscience? Your honour, this proves that she tampered with his car!

Defendant: No! I-I-I didn’t! Please believe me! I didn’t, someone is after me! I swear!

Prosecutor: Lies! YOU blew up your own car! Using that as a pretext to get a hold of his car to tamper with it! He gave you everything he had and you just, just tossed it all in the trash! What did he ask in return? Only for your love; well granted it was for ALL your love, but little in comparison with him giving you his life!

Attorney: OBJECTION!

Judge: On what grounds, attorney? Attorney? Somebody nudge the attorney awake!

Attorney: Huh? Wha-, what is it? Why did you wake me? Is the case over, she’s guilty right? Right!? I knew it. Luckily I placed my bets on her being guilty and now I can finally buy that new game!

Judge: Ahem, you interjected with an objection…

Attorney: Did, did I? Oh I must have been sleep-talking. Erm, like I said she’s a MAD WOMAN!

Prosecutor: No! She’s a bad woman! And she should be punished accordingly, your honour.

Attorney: Eh, I can’t argue with that. I need a drink.

Defendant: Please, please believe me! I am innocent! I am innocent!!!


Judge: After considering all the evidence, I hereby find the defendant guilty of contempt of court, of murder, of false testimony and for smearing the good name of clowns the world over. I sentence her to 20 years in clown school to better understand the nature of clowns.

Prosecutor: Where you’re going, tell the devil I said hi.




“Children in Need”

  By Valiente Rook

Too small to know, to understand.
Too scared to ask for a hand.

Through the covers I see,
through the covers I ask why me?

Hidden away I cry away my pain
and I question my brain,
what did I do to deserve their disdain?

A world of bloodshed,
is all I can see.
All I ask for is a warm bed
and a place to where I can flee.

Such nervousness, such trepidation.
The teachers are worried about my education,
all I worry about is the walk home.
All my worries I suffer alone.

The feeling of emptiness,
fill my nights with restlessness.
For my mouth to water I wonder,
but I have only known hunger.

I stare out the window,
the moon in all its glow.
Like the sunrise I want my hopes to grow.
Yet my heart cannot forget the woes.

A mundane day comes crashing.
It is not my fault, yet I am accused.
Screams, anger and fists.
I just do not know why I am abused.

All I wish for is eternal bliss.
A way to end all the violence,
not to live a life of utter silence.


"Rise Again"

"Rise Again"

  By Valiente Rook

I tattooed myself with your rage
and covered myself with your pain.
I ripped out hatred from your hearts cage
and soothed away all your insecure bane.
I weaved, out of your guilt, a quilt of blame,
and wore it, for all to see, as my own.
I stood and soaked up all your saddening rain,
and I shielded you from being pelted by cursed stones.
I held onto you, ignoring your vicious flame,
and with your burning sins, I branded all my bones.
I drank away all your resentful tears of shame
and in your name, I bowed down to atone.
Under God’s mighty stare I went insane,
pleading for all your mistakes to be unsown.
I did everything so that your happiness did not wane.
For as long as I am here you’ll never be alone;
I will not stop until, like a phoenix, you rise again.

"Your Betrayal"

"Your Betrayal"

  By Valiente Rook

When happiness was around
and our lips one
your smile was not to be found,
you were distant hun.
I should have seen it coming,
the passion in our love,
was but a low humming.
Yet now that you have left,
I still cannot comprehend.
I wish I knew then what I know now:
That your eyes were just pretend.


The drop of your betrayal,
has sunk deep, trenching a trail.
The breath of your betrayal,
has stopped dead the flutter of my sail.
My mornings have gone, now replaced by a dark veil.

Back when we first met,
your long coy tresses and low dress,
left my senses blown, in a trembling mess.
Things moved fast, the clouds swirling;
our hearts had flown, entwining at full blast.
The days would pass with you in mind,
only people thought I was blind.
I should have listened to their calls
you were not to be trusted,
that I was headed for a great fall.

Oh how you’ve left me gutted.

The drop of your betrayal,
has sunk deep, trenching a trail.
The breath of your betrayal,
has stopped dead the flutter of my sail.
My mornings have gone, now replaced by a dark veil.

Finally the day had arrived,
I asked you to marry me.
Your face was surprised and confused.
Yet you said yes, I thought I was blessed,
I was happy and for our future I was enthused.
My love for you was open and for all to see,
but baby you left me bemused and deeply bruised.
I was mad to think we were to be.

The drop of your betrayal,
has sunk deep, trenching a trail.
The breath of your betrayal,
has stopped dead the flutter of my sail.
My mornings have gone, now replaced by a dark veil.

You left me at the altar.
I felt such a fool, my heart broken.
Why did you say yes if you were to falter?
Oh, why did you leave me for another?
I cannot move; my eyes red and body frozen.
Your betrayal it left me alone,
your betrayal it left my heart a stone.

"The Ghetto"

"The Ghetto"

  By Valiente Rook

If you sell your soul to the ghetto,
you ain’t gonna be free.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Strike an arrow through the ghetto,
strike an arrow through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no heart for it to follow.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Shot a bullet through the ghetto,
shot a bullet through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no flesh for it to burrow.

The ghetto, the ghetto,
Ain’t safe lyin’ low in the ghetto,
ain’t a place for kids to grow,
ain’t a place for the weak to go.
Ain’t brave to be a hero, ain’t a place to behave,
to strive to be better, it’s a place to be a slave.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Strike an arrow through the ghetto,
strike an arrow through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no heart for it to follow.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Shot a bullet through the ghetto,
shot a bullet through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no flesh for it to burrow.

Police sirens, babies be cryin’ and bullets flyin’.
Gangs fightin’, women be hirin’ and guys lyin’.
Unemployment high, violence on the by and education on the slide.
There ain’t no mentor ‘cept the pimp as a guide.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Strike an arrow through the ghetto,
strike an arrow through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no heart for it to follow.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Shot a bullet through the ghetto,
shot a bullet through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no flesh for it to burrow.

Not a single politician gives a sigh,
just empty promises to garner a vote and lies.
The government don’t care,
let the ethnic minorities be broke
as long as the ghetto is kept in its lair, what a joke!

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Strike an arrow through the ghetto,
strike an arrow through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no heart for it to follow.

The ghetto, the ghetto,

Shot a bullet through the ghetto,
shot a bullet through the ghetto,
where there ain’t no flesh for it to burrow.

It’s a place where the demons dwell,
it’s an inner city hell.